Little Armored One of the South Plains, a children's book by Elaine Renfro, is about the adventures of an armadillo. This story encourages children and adults to respect and appreciate our natural world.

Little Armored One of the South Plains

Over many years, wildlife has been accustomed to visiting an area where a busy and expanding university campus is now located. Food sources and safety issues continue to entice animals to venture upon these grounds. Will humans always share spaces with the animals or will the animals be pushed out? One day, Little Armored One enjoys the usual fanciful adventures, socializing, and hunting for food on campus. However, this day is far from ordinary. As the reader will learn, the armadillo and the other animals discover something of great importance about their future.

To be of lasting and ultimate value, an education must lead us to understand that we, too, live bounded in the natural order. The wildlife on this campus daily remind us of the mystifying breadth of life, varied and complex, filled with unique beauty of every stripe. We and they, together, share this earth and enjoy its bounty.

DR. RAY M. KECK, III, President

Texas A&M International University